About Us

We are a bunch of optimistic pessimists who met in the anarchical world of 0’s and 1’s. Together, we look backwards and forward at global relations, and package them up right here for you to enjoy. Collectively we agree on nothing, but the spread of knowledge and formation of opinion with a critical analysis is important for all parties concerned.

TL:dr, follow this blog for the sake of humanity.

The Motley Crew (and clearly not the artistic kind):

Georgie: Eternally stuck in law school so yeah- words are important. Specializing in the IR of the LAC region. Likes Philly Cheesesteaks and Vick’s Vapo Rub.

Mike: PoliSci PhD Candidate suffering from an unhealthy obsession with intractable conflict and terrorist organizations. Really thinks Craig is a jerk, but Jenny voted to keep him. Enjoys sci-fi.

Craig: Midwestern boy who still can’t seem to make it out of his mom’s basement. Self-taught philosopher and occasional (ok…regular) reddit troll. Personally blocked on twitter by @AnnCoulter, @MarcoRubio, @FlavorFlav

Jenny: Former IR analyst, current tiger mom. 36 years of life experience. Writes here to avoid driving the hideous silver Odyssey in public as much as earthly possible.

Want to guest write? We’ll need a down payment of one million dollars and the tears from your firstborn son.